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You’ve started a small business because you want the lifestyle & freedom it brings. You’ve experienced success…but along the way you’ve lost the freedom you originally signed up for. State Your Business works with you to increase your business success and get that freedom back. We’ll guide you through the challenges small businesses encounter, including how to drive sales, hire the right people to balance out your team, and improve conflict management. Return to the freedom small business brings with coaching from State Your Business.

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Take your business from where it is now to where you really want it to be. State Your Business Coaches will assist and guide you in growing your business by helping you clarify your vision and aligning that with your goals


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State Your Business has a range of training courses (both soft skill and hard skill) available for you to tailor the education needed by your team. Review the various course descriptions and contact our staff for a discussion on either attending a course or having a tailored course provided to you.


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The DISC Model of Human Behaviour” Will allow you to unlock the mystery behind developing good people skills and creating better relationships. You will be able to use what you learn to reduce conflict, improve productivity and relate with others more effectively.


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Provide your team with some tailored training in the form of a short, focused presentation. Lunch and Learn, Townhall presentation and Keynote sessions are available from a published author on Leadership and Management.


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David has a range of Free and Paid resources available for you to download and utilise.

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