" I can't do it" written on a piece of paper

Power of positive thinking – Series 8

" I can't do it" written on a piece of paper

How to Break the Worry Habit

Worry is a negative habit that develops but that you were not born with. It is, therefore, possible to eliminate worry from your mind if you learn to empty your mind daily.

“The process of mind drainage is important in overcoming worry, for fear thoughts, unless drained off, can clog the mind and impede the flow of mental and spiritual power. But such thoughts can be emptied from the mind and will not accumulate if they are eliminated daily.”

There are many ways to combat worry. One simple process that I find useful is this:
1. Rather that stopping set aside a time each day (Worry Period) where you do your worrying. Late afternoon so you clear your head before bed.
2. When you worry, write it down and move on.
3. Use your Worry Period to review your Worry List. Focus on turning the negative statements into positive statement. Rather than “I can’t” try “I haven’t found a way yet”

In may seem minor and silly but by changing the way you think from negative to positive you open your mind to future potential rather than being closed in position where you can’t move at all.

🤔 What is one thing you could put into action right NOW?

This post is based on the book “The power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

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