" I can't do it" written on a piece of paper

Power of positive thinking – Series 6

" I can't do it" written on a piece of paper

Not that much dissimilar to my previous post

Expect the Best and Get It

“When you expect the best, you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tends to bring the best to you.” However, Dr. Norman states that this doesn’t mean that everything you will necessarily get everything that you want. It means that when you believe you can get everything you want, it comes to the realm of possibility for you.

Many years ago, I came across a statement that we need to “see it before we see it.” By this I mean that you need to see the thing that you are desiring in your imagination and mind long before you will see it in reality. By locking the image in your mind, you are predisposed towards attaining that thing. Your mind is alert to opportunities and therefore you are ready to act when the right thing comes your way.

🤔 What is one thing you could put into action right NOW?

This post is based on the book “The power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

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