Patience – The Art of Waiting – Part 1

As I sit down to write the next blog series on Powerful Strategies, I am reminded of a commentary (by Chris Heyward) that I recently heard on the topic of “patience”.  It has particular relevance to this series.

Patience is a by product of waiting. The question I would like to pose today is not about the waiting but “How we respond, act and perform during the waiting time.  What is our attitude to waiting? Does waiting frustrate us or do we use the time to grow personally and professionally?

The commentary commenced and was based around the story of the biblical character of Noah.   If you want, you can read it in Genesis 8:1-20.

We can learn a considerable amount from this story.

In waiting: It can be a hard and messy experience.

Noah was locked inside the ark for approximately one year. That is one long wait.  I can’t imagine the environment. The smell! The motion sickness! The total discomfort! The need for patience.

In waiting: You can get distracted in the waiting

If you are anything like me, you can be waiting for something and as the time goes by, you start to focus on other things.

A great example is waiting on the phone queue for service.  You get to listed to some great music (that was loved by the hearing impaired in the 1930’s). So, you put the phone on speaker and start to utilize your time gainfully doing something else. Suddenly, the person comes on the other end and in that instant you can’t actually remember why you rang in the first place.

It is not that you have given up being patient, but life needs to go on and you need to address other issues while waiting.  Then all of a sudden the thing you are waiting for happens and you have forgotten that you were actually waiting.

Next time you are having to wait, I hope you remember this blog and take the time to reflect on what you can do to grow and increase during the waiting.  Welcome the wait as an opportunity to develop greater character rather than a frustration.

Why not consider engaging a coach.  They can help you develop during the waiting period.  Contact us on and we can have a discussion about developing you during the waiting period.

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