Glass door with "business closed" written on it

If your business were to close suddenly tomorrow:

Glass door with "business closed" written on it

Would anyone notice?

Would anyone care?


We all need to feel wanted. (I don’t mean having your picture on the wall of a post office) As a business, is what you bring to this world of value?

As I reflect on these questions I am struck by a revelation that there are two quite distinct aspects to the questions.


As a person in the business and delivering services to clients.

Many years ago, I was in an organization that asked these very questions of itself.  As a group, we were chugging along nicely and were pretty happy with where we were at, what we were doing and why we existed.  The reality is that it is not actually about us.  It is about the influence and impact we have on the lives of those with whom we interact.

I know of a charity organization that has needed to close its doors.  On the surface a logical and important business step. However, I can’t help think that there should have been more done to make it work.  Over the last 6 months I have been asked if I know whether the organization is still operating.  As I respond, “No, it has closed its doors” the response is always “That is such a shame. They did such a great job.”

Equally, I still bump into people who were impacted by the services of the organization.  They acknowledge their interaction as a time of investment, enjoyment and learning.  They hold fond memories of their involvement. And even years on, they are still thankful for the impact that the business had in their lives.


as the recipient of those services.

What I take away from that is the importance for us to acknowledge when we receive great service. To go the extra mile in thanking someone for their help.

Let people know that they are appreciated.

I recently did just that. Just a simple email to an organization for the service they gave me. I appreciated the way they communicated and delivered on their promise.  My surprise came when the CEO personally called me and thanked me for the email and gave me a personal invitation to visit when ever I am in town.

Would anyone notice?  Would anyone care? What are you doing about it?

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