not false or copied; genuine; real:


To be an authentic leader, one must be an authentic person. Authentic leadership focuses on how leaders conduct themselves. (Schedlitzki, D & Edwards, D, 2014, Studying Leadership Traditional & Critical Approches, Sage Publications)


There are five characteristics of authentic leadership according to Dhiman. These are;

  • knowing your authentic self,
  • defining your values,
  • understanding your motivations,
  • building your support team, and
  • staying grounded by integrating all aspects of your life.

(Dhiman, S, 2011, ‘Personal Mastery and Authentic Leadership, Organisation Development Journal, Volume 29, Issue 2)


As a leader, are you copying someone else’s style?


Can people verify your leadership as a natural extension of yourself?


Is your leadership accepted as reliable and trustworthy on the basis of known facts or experience?


If you answer Yes to these questions, that is so great. Keep up the good work. Be true to yourself and your team by leading from your heart.


If you had to pause a moment to think about your answer, Can I encourage you to seek out a coach and work to realize the potential within.


You can answer Yes and it is not that difficult to get to a point in time where you do!

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