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Two-day training intensive

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Thanks for opening this connection. By coming here you are showing that you obviously want to grow your business. The challenge is what to do and how to do it. As a business owner, you are invested in your business and its success. But did you realise that the potential you can reach is not in your business? It is in you (and your team). This course has been designed from years of coaching business owners. The principles you learn, when applied, will set you apart from other business owners and will cause your business to intentionally grow. This is an investment in you.

What will you learn?


Foundations - icon

This course starts with a check in of the foundational structure of your business and the four foundational aspects for sustainable and successful business growth.


LinkedIn - icon

We drill into the LinkedIn marketing strategies of successful businesses and show you how to leverage one of the most profitable sales databases in the world.

Plan to Grow

Plan to Grow - icon
Plan to Grow

Whether a business grows or not is influenced by the degree of planning that is implemented. Discovering this, we then work on the ability of your business to plan for success.


Personality - icon

Personality plays a huge part in sales and particularly in closing that authentic sale. If I like you, I will more often buy from you. We look at how understanding personality can influence your team and more importantly your sales.

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Roll up your sleeves and come work on the foundations of your business. Find out how to plan for growth, drive sales & strengthen client interactions.

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