Day: August 13, 2018

Patience – The Art of Waiting – Part 2

The thing I am enjoying about this blog is that I am getting as much from writing it as I hope you are getting from reading.  Let me know? This week I wanted to finish off on my comments of last week in relation to Patience. You might recall I said that “Patience is a by product of waiting”. The question I proposed was “How do we respond, act and perform during the waiting time?”  “What is our attitude to…

Patience – The Art of Waiting – Part 1

As I sit down to write the next blog series on Powerful Strategies, I am reminded of a commentary (by Chris Heyward) that I recently heard on the topic of “patience”.  It has particular relevance to this series. Patience is a by product of waiting. The question I would like to pose today is not about the waiting but “How we respond, act and perform during the waiting time.  What is our attitude to waiting? Does waiting frustrate us or…


Authentic not false or copied; genuine; real:   To be an authentic leader, one must be an authentic person. Authentic leadership focuses on how leaders conduct themselves. (Schedlitzki, D & Edwards, D, 2014, Studying Leadership Traditional & Critical Approches, Sage Publications)   There are five characteristics of authentic leadership according to Dhiman. These are; knowing your authentic self, defining your values, understanding your motivations, building your support team, and staying grounded by integrating all aspects of your life. (Dhiman, S, 2011, ‘Personal Mastery and Authentic…

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