the vast majority of business owners fear success more than they fear failure.

I was offered the above statement by my mentor/coach (Christian Simpson) today. What a challenge! “Much of that fear is generated by the unhealthy attitude we secretly harbour towards financial wealth. I’m not questioning the wanting. Every business owner on this planet wants the kind of wealth that generates the lifesyle freedom we all aspire […] Read more

In the waiting room …

Today I have had the chance to sit in 3 waiting rooms, for consultations. I used to hate having to wait because I saw it as an infringement on my time. After all, I made an appointment for a specific time, so why can’t they be on time too? Maybe I’m getting older in my […] Read more

Do you want different results? You must change your thinking!

Lately I have been approached by a number of business owners who want to see different results on business and life. Some are incredibly successful and want to move forward. Others are just unhappy with where they are at in life right now. The thing they have in common is that they are seeing the […] Read more

Thanks Giving and Memories

I was about to start on another series of pen making (I have 50 ready to turn) when I quickly checked my emails and read one from a friend who is doing a journey with his father who only has a few weeks left as a result of terminal cancer. While my heart goes out […] Read more

Proud supporter of Australia’s Defence Reserves

We at State Your Business are proud to announce our support of the Australian Defence Reserve forces for another year. We also call on other coaching companies and organisations to join us in supporting our Defence Force Personel. We offer reduced coaching services to Defence Personel (both permanent and reserves) Read more

The Freedom Effect

Just taking some time to reflect this morning. I found this great quote. “For you were indeed called to freedom; only do not let your freedom be an incentive to your flesh and an opportunity or excuse for selfishness, but through love you should serve one another.” As I have been reflecting on the calling […] Read more

Something to wrap your head around!

– If I can overcome ANY problem then I have NO problem – The bigger the problems I overcome, the bigger I become – Don’t make problems smaller; make me bigger – Everything is an opportunity to see what I am capable of – Need to deliberately (and sometime gratuitously ) expand my comfort zone […] Read more

Planning strategies for business success

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan not the goal. I was inspired by todays image. It got me thinking thinking about strategies and about the number of small business that I am working with right now. Having a goal is critical to moving any business or activity forward. But a goal without a […] Read more

Speak well of them.

When General Robert E. Lee was asked by Confederate US President Jefferson Davis to give his opinion about a certain officer, he gave a glowing report. One of the officers in attendance was amazed at his words and said to Lee, ‘General, do you know that the man of whom you speak so highly to […] Read more