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Four-week training course

As a coach, I have an underlying belief that all business leaders and managers are people who express faith in themselves, their product/service, their staff & their clients. Having a firm understanding of what this means will see them through the good and not so good times. The foundation of faith underpins everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see. The act of faith is what distinguishes your business, setting it above the crowd.

Coupled with this foundation of faith is vision. Vision provides the goal and direction for a business. An old proverb says: “Where there is not understanding of the vision, the people do whatever they want to.” (Paraphrase) Business without vision and faith is destined to struggle.

I work with business leaders to build their understanding and level of faith, helping them develop, record and speak out their vision for their business. In this course you will discover how to lay this solid foundation for your success.

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Laying the foundation

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Laying the foundation

Discover, Experience and Apply the four foundational principles of business that distinguish a good business from an exceptional business. These principles (if applied) will dramatically impact how you think and grow your business.


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Discover, experience and apply the power of LinkedIn, the most powerful B2B sales tool on the market. Digital marketing experts from Planet Media will walk you through how to use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business.

Plan to Grow

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Plan to Grow

Discover, experience and apply the power of planning. We give you an easy guide to successful planning as a growth strategy. Write down your dreams and plan for success.

 Handling Personality

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Handling Personality

Discover, experience and apply the DISC Model of Human Behaviour into your business. Learn the power of client/staff connection and how to have a more successful interaction.

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Roll up your sleeves and come work on the foundations of your business. Find out how to plan for success and growth & strengthen client interactions through understanding personalities and online marketing.

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